The DTX522K features our DTX-PAD snare with newly developed tom pads, exclusive 3-zone hi-hat and cymbal pads, plus the incredible sounds and features of the DTX502 module in an affordable kit configuration.

Trigger ModuleDTX502
Rack SystemRS502
Maximum Polyphony32
VoicesDrum and percussion: 691,Melodies: 128


Reverb: 9, Master EQ: 2 bands
Drum kitsPreset: 50 User: 50 (Total memory capacity of 1MB.)
Song tracks1 track
SongsDemo: 1, Practice: 37, Pad: 22, User: 40
Sequence formatsProprietary, SMF format 0/1
Tempo30 - 300 
Beat1/4 - 16/4, 1/8 -16/8, 1/16 - 16/16
Training FunctionsGroove Check, Rhythm Gate, Measure Break, Tempo Up/Down, Change Up, Pad Gate, Part Mute, Fast Blast